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What are the differences between the courses in the LROI Series?

The series is designed according to an individual's level of organizational influence. Each course focuses on the skills and competencies necessary to lead within an individual's span of influence. For example, the Professional Leadership Course (PLC) focuses on individual style and self-awareness in regards to performign in teams within an organization.  The Influential Leadership Course (ILC) continues to foster the leader's self-awareness, but adds skill-building in assessing and selecting talent within the organization.

What are the differences between the LROI Series and other similar leadership courses?

First and foremost, the LROI Series fosters an experiential learning environment. Secondly, the courses are grounded in developing / honing one’s self-awareness regarding personal strengths and development needs. Lastly, we utilize an assessment profile, either the Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument (HBDI) or the Birkman Profile, within each course. These profile tools provide a window into a person’s individual leadership, thinking and communication style which translates to how that person interprets data, and prefers to lead others.  What truly sets us apart is that in most of our courses we offer both pre- and post-course coaching to each and every course participant.  Think about this!  We work with the leader one-on-one before the formal program begins, we demonstrate, train, and observe during the formal course, and are well-equipped to provide specific coaching post-course building upon what we know about each person's leadership style and what we observed during the course. This post-course coaching ensures that what the participants learn during the course is applied once they return to their workplace.

Who facilitates the courses?

Each course is facilitated by seasoned ISHR Group leaders.  We ensure the team is experienced inboth talent assessment and coaching so that they may relate to the participants as well as apply their background and experiences.   We don't consider ourselves 'trainers,' but rather 'facilitators.' Because each participant and each course participant profile is different, we adapt to the needs of the individuals and the group as a whole.  Our adaptability and ability to inherently customize each course are what sets the LROI seres apart from other "off the shelf" curriculums you may find in the marketplace.

Can our company choose portions of each course to create our own customized curriculum and/or day of leadership development?

Absolutely! We can adapt any of the portions of the LROI curriculum to meet a specific clients needs.  We will start by asking about your goals for offering leadership development and what your intended outcomes might be for the participants.  This will help guide us in designing an experience that maximizes the learning and an applicability for each participant.

Tell me more about the business simulations you offer?

We have been providing business simulations as part of our leadership curriculum for several years. Each business simulation is customized to the needs of clients, their industry, and market conditions.  We have all experienced those business 'simulations' that in fact don't simulate anything about our personal workplace.  We ensure that doesn't happen.  The program is deisgned to enhance your understanding of key drivers for business success within your industry. Our differentiator is the intentional weaving between your indutry, key business areas (such as Operations, Finance, Marketing/Sales, and Human Resources) and relevant leadership styles that exist (e.g., preferences to operate more analytically vs intuitively, or to be more of an implementor vs a strategic thinker).


The Leadership Difference and the Difference It Makes

What differentiates Leadership ROI from other assessment and development regimens?

The Leadership ROI series is grounded in the ISHR Group's expertise and passion for talent development.  As we’ve grown and delivered LROI to more than 1000 participants, we have measured our results by the feedback we receive from  participants when asked how they would rate the courses overall.

Leadership ROI has been graded an average 3.8 out of a possible 4.0.  Even more gratifying is the feedback received many months AFTER the course is over.  The comment that seems to resonate among the group is this:  “Several people have commented how I have evolved as a manager and improved my people skills.”

That is one of the greatest compliments we could receive ... that our influence helped each one of our participants to become a better leader.  

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