HR OptIn and Incite Strategies have a new home. Welcome to the ISHR Group.
HR Opt-In and Incite Strategies, Inc.

Leadership Assessment, Development, & Coaching That Simply Work Better Together for You!

In multi-national corporations, and in smaller enterprises; in organizations with hundreds of thousands of employees, to businesses with less than 1000, ISHR Group Leadership Consulting helps assess, develop and coach your leaders and their teams.  From Shanghai, Sydney, Singapore, Surrey and Sao Paolo, all the way to Suwanee (that's in Georgia, our own global headquarters!), our global reach extends to leaders across all nationalities, industries and functions. 

You may have come to know us as Incite Strategies.  You may know us as HR OptIn

We have rebranded into the ISHR Group -- and offer you the same customized HR expertise, same individualized HR service, same dedicated focus on the unique needs of our clients -- only now we've conected the dots to make it easier to talk about what we do.  What makes our HR Leadership consulting different?  A pragmatic focus.  A global mindset.  A passion for change. We combine the leadership assessment, development and coaching services of Incite Strategies with the flexible human resources project management options of HR OptIn.  Taking the best of both businesses, you will find us now in one place ... right here in front of you ... at ISHR Group.  

GUIDE Coaching

We invite you to join us in a 13-minute video highlighting our GUIDE Coaching model. This is a portion of what was prepared as a webinar for one of our clients who asked us to present our model during a virtual HR week!  Ask us about our GUIDE Coaching Workshops which present this material in an engaging and interactive manner designed to truly create an internal culture of coaching. Enjoy!

Let us know how we can help you. Wishing you a great vibe, energy and forward momentum!

Stacy L. Sollenberger

Monique A. Honaman

Ellen M. Dotts


Are you leading Rock Stars? ... Or Duds?

Do you lead Rock Stars … those people who are aligned and engaged, who are fulfilled, motivated, delivering and performing within your organization.

Or, are you leading Duds … those individuals who are not aligned with your organizational goals, are certainly not engaged when they come to work every day, and are not meeting your performance expectations?

The reality is that we all want to think we are great Coaches who can drive our team towards the highest levels of engagement and alignment (to Rock Star status!). But, in today's world of high-pressure stress and fast-paced decisions, we often find ourselves defaulting to a directive mode the majority of the time and losing out on the opportunity to build alignment and engagement with those with whom we work.  GUIDE Coaching provides a practical and proven methodology for teaching Leaders to become Coaches!

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